User terms and conditions


Instabox Group AB, Corp. ID no. 559247-1568, address Medborgarplatsen 3, 118 72 Stockholm, Sweden, hereinafter referred to as Instabox. This document may contain typographical errors for which Instabox cannot be held liable. Instabox reserves the right to correct any typographical errors or inaccuracies in this document. Instabox provides an application for mobile devices, hereinafter referred to as the App. A person who downloads or uses the App is hereinafter referred to as the User. By installing the App and/or using the App as a visitor and/or User, the User unconditionally accepts all the General Terms and Conditions for the App, as defined below. In cases where the User does not accept the General Terms and Conditions for the App, the User will be requested to refrain from using the App. All visits to and/or use of the App shall be carried out in agreement with these General Terms and Conditions for the App. Instabox reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions for the App at any time, all or some of the provisions in the General Terms and Conditions for the App, to adapt these to changes in the Services, technological developments, legal developments, or other changes with regards to legal procedure, or upon introduction of new Services. Applicable General Terms and Conditions for the App are those which apply on the date on which the User acquires and uses the App.


The App is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in cases of force majeure or circumstances over which Instabox does have control, or when interruptions/outages/maintenance prevent the App from functioning properly. The App may be updated at any time to include new functionality and services. Service interruption resulting from maintenance and/or updates can occur without advance notice to the User. The User is solely responsible for any equipment and materials that are used to gain access to the App. The mobile app from Instabox can be downloaded free from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. To access and use the App, the User must have:

  • A compatible telephone or compatible mobile device;

  • An Internet connection;

  • A customer account in a virtual retail outlet for one of the service providers for the mobile app (Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store).

The compatible telephones and mobile devices are as follows:

  • Apple iPhone® with iOS 14 or later

  • Mobile telephone using Android® OS version 8 or later


If the User does not have an Instabox account, the User will be requested to create such an account to be able to use the App. The User provides identification through BankID, upon which the following information shall be provided:

  • E-mail address

  • Telephone

Once the account has been created, the user can log in using BankID to access the Services. The User guarantees to Instabox that all information that the User has provided during registration is correct, precise, and up to date. Criminal action may be reported to the police. Instabox also reserves the right to remove accounts when such accounts are not used appropriately.


In the App, the User can see their own order history and use or purchase other services related to deliveries according to our terms and conditions that apply at any given time. Instabox does not charge for standard delivery; the consumer buys this directly from the seller. Delivery of services refers to delivery that takes place during the shorter period of time that the purchaser has bought from Instabox.


A cookie is a text file that a website requests to be saved on the User’s computer or smartphone. Cookies are used on many websites to give visitors access to various functions. The information in a cookie can be used to track a user’s browsing. According to the Act on Electronic Communication (25 July 2003), all persons who visit a website with cookies must be informed that the website uses cookies and about the purposes for these cookies. When the User visits the website, the Instabox web server uses a unique identification string to distinguish Users from each other. Instabox may use third-party cookies, for example to analyze how we can optimize our website, or display ads and recommend products for you when you visit other websites on the Internet. If you do not accept the use of cookies on this website, you can change your web browser settings to refuse cookies. For detailed instructions, refer to your web browser’s provider.


Instabox is responsible for handling personal data that is collected from the User. This information is transferred from the seller that ordered the delivery, as well as directly from the Notifier. The information that we collect includes the User’s name, personal ID number, telephone number, e-mail address, and delivery address. In cases where the delivery will be left outside the User’s door, Instabox may take pictures for the purposes of quality assurance. When Instabox communicates with the User, metadata associated with the communication is saved. In cases where the sender requires a recipient’s signature, Instabox stores the signature. Instabox many transfer personal data to business partners who manage personal data on behalf of Instabox, for the purposes described in this policy; therefore, these partners may have temporary access to personal data. Information is retained only as long as necessary to complete our services (for example, to fulfill an agreement or quality assurance requirements), or as long as is required by law. If the User wishes to correct, add or remove information from the register, please contact Instabox. For all other related matters, please see our privacy policy ( All use of the App may be registered for the purpose of mapping how and in which contexts the App is used, so that Instabox can develop these functions. This registration does not mean that personal data will be handled or registered.


Instabox is not liable for delays or other breaches of the agreement regarding the exercise of its obligations in cases where such failure or delay is beyond Instabox’s reasonable control, and where such circumstances significantly influence the fulfillment of any of the obligations according to this agreement. These circumstances include, but are not limited to: war, riots, fire, natural disasters, snowstorms or other weather phenomenon or conditions that make roads and transport modes inaccessible, or that make infrastructure that is vital to Instabox unusable; explosions, epidemics, strikes, or new legislation that prohibits the fulfillment of the agreement.