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Uncomplicated shipping.

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What is Instabox?

Instabox was founded in Sweden 2015 and is a logistics company providing lightning-quick, uncomplicated and fossil-free e-commerce deliveries for some of the most popular merchants in Europe.

We are proud of the fact that we own our whole supply chain. From sorting and delivering our parcels to solving complex logistical optimization problems. We learn and build as we grow, thanks to our 3000+ Instaboxers; including drivers, terminal-workers, installers, customer service, tech and product… The list of our talents is long. We are one big family and the collaboration between all departments across the company is the key to our uncomplicated shipping service.

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Uncomplicated shipping, to an Instabox or all the way to your doorstep

Instabox is not only about being one of the frontrunners of last-mile shipping. Our journey is about reinventing the logistics industry — without compromising on our commitment to sustainability. We invest in innovation and love trying new things, where we aim to inspire other companies to follow us. That's when we have a true impact; that’s when we change the world. There is no doubt that our business is growing. As of today, Instabox is available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands and Germany. And we are far from done!

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